What size ensemble should you select? A quartet is the most flexible group, musically speaking. It is like an SATB choir. Smaller groups have musical limitations that may prevent choices in music especially if a client is interested in our extensive Rock, Pop, and Jazz categories. Trios and duos are more suited to Classical and Traditional but can play some of the other categories. Prices are for 2 hours or less for the first category. 


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Hire Us

2 hours – $600 
3 hours – $725
4 hours – $850
More than 4 hours – Call for quote

2 hours – $500
3 hours – $600
4 hours – $700
More than 4 hours – Call for quote

2 hours – $375
3 hours – $430
4 hours – $500
More than 4 hours – Call for quote

SINGLE INSTRUMENT FEE (accompanied by another instrument):
2 hours – $200

2 hours – $225

For some situations a 1-hour rate may be appropriate. Manager approval will be necessary. Call 314-741-5948 or email for pre-approval: Limited to 15 min prelude, short ceremony with no homily and no extras in the middle, followed by recessional and one postlude. Usually held outdoors, under 75 guests with judge or lay person as officiant. Only applies to areas within St. Louis Metropolitan area, generally inside I-270 in Missouri. These venues do not qualify: churches, hotels, and venues serving food and drinks.
TRIO: $450
DUO: $325

If you wish us to hire a Vocalist, Trumpet Player, Pianist or any other musician to play with Landolfi, we will be happy to hire an additional vocalist or instrumentalist for your event.

Add these fees to the above categories (prices may vary due to musician availability):
Piano – $350
Trumpet – $200
Singer – $150-$250
Flute or Oboe –  $150

Arrangement Fees

Landolfi has HUNDREDS of song titles available. If you’re looking for a special song that’s not already on our playlist, we can arrange it for you. Consideration for a special arrangement will need pre-approval. The usual fee is $48 if a piano/vocal score is available, $100 if it must be done by ear. Email kwrtet@aol.com or call Deberah Haferkamp at 314-741-5948 to discuss your specific request.

Travel Fees

A travel fee is charged if the location is over an hour outside of the coordinates of I-64 and I-270. Type in the address below to see if a travel fee applies.

Travel Fees
1st hour $50 per musician.
Each additional 1/2 hour: $25 per musician
1 1/2 travel for trio=$225 1 1/2 travel for quartet=$300
Note: Some venues at 50-60 minutes may incur an hour travel time fee due to location and availability of musicians. Mileage is calculated for the round trip.

Please direct inquiries to Deberah Haferkamp (314-741-5948) or by email through the form on the contact page.

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