Landolfi Using iPads for Music Library Management

Over the past year or so, many of our performing players in Landolfi Ensembles have acquired, and are using, 12.9” iPads in place of the customary sheet music for our engagements. The use of this technology has greatly improved our ability to have instant access to literally hundreds of songs – it’s great for taking requests, organizing customized playlists for ceremonies and events, and helping us streamline the transitions between songs – with the click of a (foot)switch!  The problem with having such an extensive library like Landolfi has is that transporting the sheet music for all four members of a quartet, for example, can be a rather daunting (and heavy!) task! Now, each performer can bring their own personal “Landolfi Library”, and have the playlist for the event cued up already!

As players, we like using them for MUCH more practical reasons too, things like: 1) eliminates the need for stand lights in dark settings 2) the music won’t blow off the music stand (in outdoor situations….yes, it happens!)  3) we can edit/share music instantly amongst ourselves with the ease of AirDrop – especially helpful when adding new songs to our library 4) can organize music with more descriptions by adding various tags such as genre, composer, decade – very helpful when searching for requests. There is a great app called ForScore that we all use, which has many features we use. These include sharing, sorting, editing, and scanning. Many of our players are private instructors and do freelance playing as well. Being able to use our iPads to organize and store our personal libraries for teaching, orchestral playing, and other work is a huge convenience for us all.

Music selection for events, especially wedding ceremonies, is an important and personal choice. While some opt for the more traditional musical choices, many often have very specific wishes, and music is a integral part of their ceremony. Quite often this may include a specially requested arrangement of a song that is not on our extensive playlist. Landolfi offers this service for a fee, and will produce an arrangement for any special request(s). We are also happy to work with other instrumentalists or singers at your request. For the ceremonies that are a bit more complicated, it’s wonderful to have the ease and assurance that our next song is simply a click away, thanks to our iPads!!

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Meet Violinist Tom Winter

Landolfi Quartet violinist Tom Winter and his bride Sarah on their wedding day

This is Tom Winter, violinist member of the Landolfi Quartet.
This is my first blog post for Landolfi Quartet.

I was quite recently married at Trinity Lutheran Soulard, to my beautiful wife Sarah. Landolfi colleagues Mary, Gary Debbie and Carl played for the ceremony and reception at 9th Street Abbey. It was fantastic!
Since joining Landolfi in 2014, it has changed my life for the better!

Here two some things that I am extremely proud of Landolfi for the year of 2018:
1. The switch from paper music to iPads. We have all pitched in on this effort. It took hours upon hours of scanning, sorting and categorizing, but it was well worth it. Changing songs and creating playlists has never been easier or faster!
2. Adding new arrangements to the Landolfi Library. I arranged 38 new quartet arrangements in 2018, and we acquired several more aside from that.

We plan to keep doing what we are doing!
Thanks for reading, and see you at your next wedding!
Tom from the Landolfi Quartet

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Gateway Festival Orchestra 2017

During the month of July every year something very special happens: professional musicians assemble to perform symphonic music that is free to the public courtesy of the Gateway Festival Orchestra of St. Louis. This is a service to the St. Louis community. Among the musicians are the members of Landolfi Quartet. You can hear us as part of something bigger than a string quartet.

Come hear the concerts July 9, 16, 23, 30 7:30 every Sunday evening in July on the Washington University Brookings Quadrangle and on July 20 at 7:30 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. A pre-concert lecture “Notes to Munch On” is presented at 7:10. During intermission, enjoy Ted Drewes frozen custard and fun tattoos for the children.

July 9: “Ye Olde London Towne” at Brookings Quadrangle
July 16 “Parisian Romance” at Brookings Quadrangle
July 20 “Parisian Romance” at Chesterfield Amphitheater
July 23 “Wolfgang and Felix” at Brookings Quadrangle
July 30 “Many Miniatures… and a Masterpiece” at Brookings Quadrangle

In addition to the orchestral concerts, Gateway Festival Orchestra members present several outreach programs of chamber music to children. For many of these children, this is the first encounter with live string music.

Come hear all the concerts under the baton of Dr. James Richards. Three of the concerts feature guest soloists. All orchestra members are members of local 2-197 of the American Federation of Musicians.

Don’t forget your lawn chairs or blankets for lawn seating. Due to construction on the Washington University campus, please allow plenty of time for parking.

For more information, please visit Gateway Festival Orchestra’s website at

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Landolfi Quartet in the Central West End 2017

This Friday, June 9, 5-8pm
outside Left Bank Books, corner of McPherson and Euclid

Wednesday, June 21, 11am-1pm: Make Music Day, Straub’s, corner of 302 N. Kingshighway and Maryland Plaza

Friday, September 22, 5-8pm: Central West End, specific location to be announced

Landolfi Quartet performing outside the World Chess Hall of Fame

Landolfi Quartet is in high demand performing for many private events, but how often do you have a chance to hear us performing in public for free? Here is your chance. Come to the Central West End on the above dates to hear live string quartet music. Hearing live music has been shown to reduce stress in the listeners, resulting in a positive impact on one’s well-being. Imagine strolling along the sidewalks taking in the stores, the galleries, the food, and the atmosphere of the area. Gain a boost in mood. Encounter friends you didn’t expect to see.

What music do you like to hear? What should we play? You can make requests. Mozart? Cole Porter? Beatles? Coldplay? If we have it with us we’ll play it for you. We have a large playlist and your favorite song may be on it. How about “Lucky”, “Smoke on the Water”, or “Sweet Child of Mine”? Or maybe it’s a tune that is from a movie about hobbits or Jedi? Experience a release of endorphins. Hang around with us or stop by on your way to an interesting shop and then stop by again on your way back. Here’s your chance. Enjoy!

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First Annual Make Music STL

On June 21, 2016, Landolfi Quartet performed during the first annual Make Music STL in the Central West End of Saint Louis. Click on this link to hear “All of Me” as performed live.

Are you looking for another chance to hear us in person? Then come to hear Landolfi Quartet outside Coffee Cartel, 2 Maryland Plaza in the Central West end of Saint Louis as part of the Central West End event on Friday, September 16, 5:30-8:30. Don’t miss us!

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Referrals and Reviews

In the world of music, many musicians frequently rely on word of mouth for some of their work. We at Landolfi are grateful to our many clients who have passed along our name and our web site link to others seeking music at their weddings and other special events. Please keep recommending us!

When our clients post reviews of our performances, this is also helpful. Prospective clients see feedback about us and this aids them in making decisions about their music. These reviews also improve our ranking on wedding web sites. Thank you for posting your comments. Although we love favorable reviews, even unfavorable comments can be helpful for prospective clients. Since we strive to make clients happy, all observations are helpful. No group is perfect and we appreciate feedback so we can continue to improve.

Below are links to reviews:

Wedding Wire

The Knot

Our own testimony form
These testimonials appear on our web pages on a rotating basis.

Thank you for your recommendations and reviews.

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Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet

Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. 114, D. 667 (Trout Quintet)
for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Piano

When: Sunday, February 8, 2015, at 3pm
Where: St. Charles Community College, Fine Arts Building, auditorium
Who: members of Landolfi Quartet: Mary Sweetin, violin; Deberah Haferkamp, viola; and Gary Lee, cello; with Daniel Winfield, bass part (on cello) and Steven Keniston, piano.

Additional performance: Wednesday, February 18, noon, at Ringhausen Music Building, Lewis and Clark Community College, Godfrey, IL

1. Allegro vivace
2. Andante
3. Scherzo (Presto)
4. Thema (Andantino) with 5 Variations – Allegretto
5. Allegro guisto

Composed during the summer of 1819, the work reflects the carefree summer months when Schubert (age 22) was vacationing with a friend in a small town in Austria where he enjoyed music making in a scenic location. A wealthy mine owner who played the cello welcomed the visiting musicians and suggested Schubert should write a quintet and utilize a popular song the composer had written a couple years earlier, called “The Trout”. The song tells of a poet standing on the banks of a stream watching a trout in the clear water. The fourth movement is a theme and variations based on the song. Listen for sounds of flowing water and the leaping movement of the fish. During rehearsals the musicians noted this mood of water and nature carries through the entire work. Come hear us perform a favorite chamber music work.

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‘Tis the Season

Holiday parties, concerts, weddings, and other special events are in full swing the month of December. There’s still time to include Landolfi in your plans. Do you have a party for which a string quartet would add pizzazz and elegance? We’re more affordable than you may think. New Year’s Eve is coming and that is a great time for parties and even weddings. What a memorable day. Or, maybe you are fatigued by the flurry of December and prefer to brighten up the dreary winter days of January with a gathering that would be more special with a string ensemble?  See you soon.
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Gateway Festival Orchestra

People occasionally ask us what we do when we’re not playing in Landolfi String Quartet and Ensemble. Each of us has answers that include roles as performers and educators. During the month of July we are members of an orchestra that performs when other orchestras are on break: the Gateway Festival Orchestra of St. Louis.

Each summer the orchestra assembles professional musicians to bring quality symphonic and chamber music to the St. Louis community through free public concerts. The concerts are presented at 7:30 every Sunday evening in July on the Washington University Brookings Quadrangle. In addition, several outreach programs of chamber music are presented to children in disadvantaged areas. For many of these children, this is a first encounter with live string music. All orchestra members are members of local 2-197 of the American Federation of Musicians.

This season, two concerts have already been presented under the baton of Dr. James Richards. The first concert was presented to a very large audience on July 6, accompanied by beautiful weather. “Aire of Romance” was the program’s theme. Our second concert, “Water Music,” was assisted by Mother Nature who added her own water effects with rain early and late.

Come hear the two concerts remaining. This Sunday July 20 is “Music of the Night,” featuring Claire de Lune, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Queen of the Night arias performed by soprano Stella Markou. The final concert is “Bright Lights of Broadway” on July 27, with vocalists Keith Boyer and Jane Jennings joining us for a vast array of familiar show tunes. Don’t forget your lawn chairs or blankets for lawn seating.

For more information, please visit Gateway Festival Orchestra’s website at

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Memorable Weddings

Every wedding is, in fact, a memorable wedding. For those of us in the wedding business some weddings stand out in our memories more than others. We may not be able to tell you what date or even what year it was but they stick out nonetheless. Some of them are because of special details in the wedding, something unusual, or because of Mother Nature. There are many ways the bride and groom have added personal touches to the wedding ceremony and activities to make a memorable wedding.

Special music. This one offers many possibilities. First of all the choice of music, such as classical, jazz, classic rock ‘n roll, or contemporary, sets the tone of the wedding. Our large playlist provides selections to fit each bride’s vision. If there is a tune not on our list, we have talented arrangers who will work for a fee if an arrangement is not available. At certain churches you may need to get approval from the pastor or coordinate with the music director because there may be certain selections not considered appropriate.

Having talented friends and family members sing during the ceremony can lend a meaningful element. When Landolfi is accompanying a singer, we can arrange a rehearsal before the wedding prelude. It’s important to make sure in advance that the singer and the ensemble have the song in the same key. If non-stringed instruments are desired as an addition to strings, such as trumpet, Landolfi utilizes an fine pool of professional musicians. Our violinists, violists, and cellists can perform solo selections, such as the famous Bach G Major Prelude for cello.

Location. Many places are meaningful to the bride and groom and their families. It may be the family church. It could also be a beautiful park, an historic building, or a fine winery or other place located on a scenic view. In years to come, that can be the place where the couple says “We got married there!”

Officiant and readers. When a family member is an ordained pastor, it has been a personal touch to see the relative officiate the wedding. Also, having family members and friends do special readings and ushering gives them a chance to participate.

Decorations. This is an area where creativity can really come into play. Flowers, greenery and live plants, candles, and other decorations add to the atmosphere. Many ideas are available on the web.

Weather. While we dream of the perfect wedding in a beautiful outside location, the weather is not always cooperative. That’s where a wise planner may have an alternate location in reserve. Wind can blow over hurricane lamps and shatter glass, candles won’t stay lit (maybe they should have opted for a sand ceremony instead of candles?), and musicians struggle with keeping music on their stands despite music clips. Many musicians have rain stories. One was in a perfect setting by the lake in a St. Louis Park. The string quartet started playing the pre-service music when it started to sprinkle. The musicians moved to a nearby shelter continued to play where they could still be heard and the rain cleared. All went well until the vows when the sky opened up and dumped a torrent of rain on all but the musicians. Umbrellas were no good. The remainder of the ceremony was finished under the shelter accompanied by the roar of the rain. At another wedding, there was no shelter and the musicians stood there as the wedding was in heavy rain. The bride’s dress was soaked. Memorable but not in the way she intended. There have been a rare, few weddings where we pointed out that it was going to rain at any moment, so the wedding was moved inside and the ceremony proceeded perfectly.

Thankfully, it’s been a few years, but occasionally someone in a wedding party has fainted. Usually the reason is the air was too hot and humid. Maybe someone locked their knees. Perhaps the air conditioning in the church went out. Memorable, but not in a way we’d want.

Transportation. Occasionally, we have seen weddings at a winery or historic building where the bride arrived on a horse-drawn carriage and then the bride and groom departed the ceremony site for the reception area also by way of horse-drawn carriage. We’ve also seen limousines, trolleys, and buses transport the wedding party or wedding guests. One farm with a wedding site a tractor and wagon were utilized for a more rustic feel.

Don’t forget the string quartet! One great aspect for a memorable wedding is the string quartet (or trio, or duo). You can even use Landolfi Quartet for the reception and dinner. Your guests are there for your day and to celebrate. Using a string quartet means the music will not be too loud, so your guests can still talk to each other. We have been told many times by guests how much they appreciated the fact that a string ensemble was hired to play and the music was beautiful but not too loud.

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