Meet Violinist Tom Winter

Landolfi Quartet violinist Tom Winter and his bride Sarah on their wedding day

This is Tom Winter, violinist member of the Landolfi Quartet.
This is my first blog post for Landolfi Quartet.

I was quite recently married at Trinity Lutheran Soulard, to my beautiful wife Sarah. Landolfi colleagues Mary, Gary Debbie and Carl played for the ceremony and reception at 9th Street Abbey. It was fantastic!
Since joining Landolfi in 2014, it has changed my life for the better!

Here two some things that I am extremely proud of Landolfi for the year of 2018:
1. The switch from paper music to iPads. We have all pitched in on this effort. It took hours upon hours of scanning, sorting and categorizing, but it was well worth it. Changing songs and creating playlists has never been easier or faster!
2. Adding new arrangements to the Landolfi Library. I arranged 38 new quartet arrangements in 2018, and we acquired several more aside from that.

We plan to keep doing what we are doing!
Thanks for reading, and see you at your next wedding!
Tom from the Landolfi Quartet