Landolfi Quartet in the Central West End 2017

This Friday, June 9, 5-8pm
outside Left Bank Books, corner of McPherson and Euclid

Wednesday, June 21, 11am-1pm: Make Music Day, Straub’s, corner of 302 N. Kingshighway and Maryland Plaza

Friday, September 22, 5-8pm: Central West End, specific location to be announced

Landolfi Quartet performing outside the World Chess Hall of Fame

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Landolfi Quartet is in high demand performing for many private events, but how often do you have a chance to hear us performing in public for free? Here is your chance. Come to the Central West End on the above dates to hear live string quartet music. Hearing live music has been shown to reduce stress in the listeners, resulting in a positive impact on one’s well-being. Imagine strolling along the sidewalks taking in the stores, the galleries, the food, and the atmosphere of the area. Gain a boost in mood. Encounter friends you didn’t expect to see.

What music do you like to hear? What should we play? You can make requests. Mozart? Cole Porter? Beatles? Coldplay? If we have it with us we’ll play it for you. We have a large playlist and your favorite song may be on it. How about “Lucky”, “Smoke on the Water”, or “Sweet Child of Mine”? Or maybe it’s a tune that is from a movie about hobbits or Jedi? Experience a release of endorphins. Hang around with us or stop by on your way to an interesting shop and then stop by again on your way back. Here’s your chance. Enjoy!