Memorable Weddings

Every wedding is, in fact, a memorable wedding. For those of us in the wedding business some weddings stand out in our memories more than others. We may not be able to tell you what date or even what year it was but they stick out nonetheless. Some of them are because of special details in the wedding, something unusual, or because of Mother Nature. There are many ways the bride and groom have added personal touches to the wedding ceremony and activities to make a memorable wedding.

Special music. This one offers many possibilities. First of all the choice of music, such as classical, jazz, classic rock ‘n roll, or contemporary, sets the tone of the wedding. Our large playlist provides selections to fit each bride’s vision. If there is a tune not on our list, we have talented arrangers who will work for a fee if an arrangement is not available. At certain churches you may need to get approval from the pastor or coordinate with the music director because there may be certain selections not considered appropriate.

Having talented friends and family members sing during the ceremony can lend a meaningful element. When Landolfi is accompanying a singer, we can arrange a rehearsal before the wedding prelude. It’s important to make sure in advance that the singer and the ensemble have the song in the same key. If non-stringed instruments are desired as an addition to strings, such as trumpet, Landolfi utilizes an fine pool of professional musicians. Our violinists, violists, and cellists can perform solo selections, such as the famous Bach G Major Prelude for cello.

Location. Many places are meaningful to the bride and groom and their families. It may be the family church. It could also be a beautiful park, an historic building, or a fine winery or other place located on a scenic view. In years to come, that can be the place where the couple says “We got married there!”

Officiant and readers. When a family member is an ordained pastor, it has been a personal touch to see the relative officiate the wedding. Also, having family members and friends do special readings and ushering gives them a chance to participate.

Decorations. This is an area where creativity can really come into play. Flowers, greenery and live plants, candles, and other decorations add to the atmosphere. Many ideas are available on the web.

Weather. While we dream of the perfect wedding in a beautiful outside location, the weather is not always cooperative. That’s where a wise planner may have an alternate location in reserve. Wind can blow over hurricane lamps and shatter glass, candles won’t stay lit (maybe they should have opted for a sand ceremony instead of candles?), and musicians struggle with keeping music on their stands despite music clips. Many musicians have rain stories. One was in a perfect setting by the lake in a St. Louis Park. The string quartet started playing the pre-service music when it started to sprinkle. The musicians moved to a nearby shelter continued to play where they could still be heard and the rain cleared. All went well until the vows when the sky opened up and dumped a torrent of rain on all but the musicians. Umbrellas were no good. The remainder of the ceremony was finished under the shelter accompanied by the roar of the rain. At another wedding, there was no shelter and the musicians stood there as the wedding was in heavy rain. The bride’s dress was soaked. Memorable but not in the way she intended. There have been a rare, few weddings where we pointed out that it was going to rain at any moment, so the wedding was moved inside and the ceremony proceeded perfectly.

Thankfully, it’s been a few years, but occasionally someone in a wedding party has fainted. Usually the reason is the air was too hot and humid. Maybe someone locked their knees. Perhaps the air conditioning in the church went out. Memorable, but not in a way we’d want.

Transportation. Occasionally, we have seen weddings at a winery or historic building where the bride arrived on a horse-drawn carriage and then the bride and groom departed the ceremony site for the reception area also by way of horse-drawn carriage. We’ve also seen limousines, trolleys, and buses transport the wedding party or wedding guests. One farm with a wedding site a tractor and wagon were utilized for a more rustic feel.

Don’t forget the string quartet! One great aspect for a memorable wedding is the string quartet (or trio, or duo). You can even use Landolfi Quartet for the reception and dinner. Your guests are there for your day and to celebrate. Using a string quartet means the music will not be too loud, so your guests can still talk to each other. We have been told many times by guests how much they appreciated the fact that a string ensemble was hired to play and the music was beautiful but not too loud.